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    "Native Connections" is a group of four different Native American-themed                                   programs which include Native American flute playing,                           drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling.

"Native Winds"  . . .  This assembly/concert will have "a little bit of everything," including Native American flute playing
(and recorder), prose and poetry, drumming, dancing, and singing.  Students will interact with the music and spoken word
and participate in movement/dance activities.  This program would be good for Native American Heritage Day acticities
or for any time of year.
"Native Legends"  . . .  This presentation will use music and movement, but will focus on Native American legends
through storytelling, poetry, and prose.  Some literature chosen will reflect important life lessons told through animal and nature
stories and could be considered part of a Character Education Program.  This presentation might be best for a smaller audience
or a library setting.
"Native Heartbeat" . . . This assembly/concert will include Native American songs, music, and movement  focusing on
drumming and the Native American drum.  Students will gain an understanding of cooperative learning, community
, and
similar concepts along with historical background of th drum and its importance in Native American culture.
"Native Earth" . . .  This assembly/concert will include songs, music, and activities which illustrate the Native American 
people's relationship to and respect for The Earth.  This program could easily coincide with Environmental and Conservation units
as well as Earth Day activities.
Listen to "We Are All Connected" theme song.

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