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Joseph Ducreux
#37 Joseph Ducreux

Who was Joseph Ducreaux, really? For many years professors and students of history alike seemed to think he was just a successful portrait artist in the French court of King Louis XVI of France. But he was so much more. The...

Fps N00b
#38 Fps N00b

First World Problems

Chuck Norris

Provincial Man


#43 Ihate

Y U No
#44 Y U No

The Y U No meme actually began as Y U No Guy but eventually evolved into simply Y U No, the phrase being generally followed by some often ridiculous suggestion. Originally, the face of Y U No guy was taken from...

Bear Grylls Loneliness

Downvoting Roman

Business Cat
#47 Business Cat

Business Cat is one of the many memes that has spring out of the wildly popular LOLCats genre. In addition, there are also a slew of similar memes to Business Cat, with one almost identical meme being Business Dog. Business Cat...

Cool Dog
#48 Cool Dog