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Cool Dog
#49 Cool Dog

Annoying Facebook Girl
#50 Annoying Facebook Girl

There is a certain gleeful relish to the variations of Annoying Facebook Girl meme. This meme banks on a universal hatred of irritating young female Facebook users, who use the social networking platform to do outrageous things that they think are...

P Diddy finds one dollar bill

James Rodríguez
#52 James Rodríguez

James David Rodríguez Rubio (Cúcuta, 12 de julio de 1991) es un futbolista colombiano. Juega como mediocampista ofensivo o segundo delantero y su equipo actual es el Association Sportive de Monaco Football Club de la Ligue 1 de Francia. Además, a...

#53 Trollface

Trollface is a very simple black and white drawing, somewhat asymmetrical and with an enormous grin showing two enormous rows of teeth. There is a maniacal look in the eye of this meme. Due to the unattractiveness of the face, the...

Internet Husband
#54 Internet Husband

The Internet Husband meme is also known as Redditor’s Wife, or Anon’s wife. The photo depicts a harried-looking wife in a nightgown, tiredly gazing down at her husband who is glued to the computer screen. The origin of the photo itself...

Okay Guy
#55 Okay Guy

Okay Guy, also known as Okay, is a black and white line drawing of a face that was originally part of a blank, editable, four-panel cartoon. The character says “Okay” to things that most people would not consider to be okay....

Bender Imho

Scumbag Morpheus

Alex Mejía
#58 Alex Mejía

Alexander Mejía (Barranquilla, Atlántico, Colombia; 7 de noviembre de 1988) es un futbolista colombiano. Juega de mediocampista, su equipo actual es el Atlético Nacional de la Categoría Primera A...

Situation Surprised

I Dont Always