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Advice Dog
#97 Advice Dog

Many memes include both “advice” and “dog” in their titles and definitions. So many, in fact, there are too many to list. But Advice Dog is one of the main memes, acting as an umbrella to numerous sub-memes and derivatives. Advice...

Jealous Girl
#98 Jealous Girl

Jealous Girl – such a common character in high school and middle school life. We all know that girl (maybe we were that girl sometimes) who froths into a jealous rage at the drop of a hat. She is jealous of...

#99 Trologirl

Depression Dog

Courage Wolf
#101 Courage Wolf

Courage Wolf is the polar (and Arctic) opposite of that cousin he never wants to admit to, Insanity Wolf. This lupine, however, does seem to share an odd similarity in facial features, but one can chalk that up to, perhaps, an...

Stalin Says

Socially Awkward Penguin
#103 Socially Awkward Penguin

Socially Awkward Penguin is part of a plethora of penguin parodies that include Socially Terrifying Penguin and Socially Fed Up Penguin. Socially awkward Penguin has a little bit of difficulty determining how both people and penguins are supposed to behave in...

Art Student Owl
#104 Art Student Owl

Art Student Owl is a meme that spoofs the stereotypical art student in popular culture. Chain smoking and devoted to everything having to do with art to the point that anything else becomes unimportant, the art student scrapes by on student...

#105 Poorguy

Dating Site Murderer

Badvice Derpy

Ptsd Karate Kyle