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"Make Wise Choices" emphasizes the importance of GOOD CHARACTER
by helping young people to
Say NO to drugs and alcohol   *   Say NO to bullying   *   Be kind to others
Be respectful of others   *    Respect differences   *   Work hard   *  
Have a positive attitude   *   And much more!
             This show has singing, dancing, contests, and students get to play The Wise Choice Game!
                        Also, teachers and students get free original worksheets and coloring sheets!

"Our school was empowered by Sue Straw's program, 'Making Wise Choices’ through hands on interaction and verbal and musical messages of teaching our students how to think; rather than what to think. The success of Sue’s message was proven by the student talk in the hallways and evidence that students were on their way to becoming productive citizens and  independent thinkers.  I would highly recommend this program that shows kinesthetic learning at its best!!! Sue personalized the program with a song centering around our school theme.”   Tara Burnett, Woodward Early Childhood Center Assistant Principal

Listen to the "Make Wise Choices" theme song.