Children's Music and Shows  
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"McMeow, The Crime Kitty" is an award-winning  fun, activity-based show for Grades Pre-K through 5th.  Some educators may prefer the "Make Wise Choices" show for older students.  See McMeow's website for more info. and testimonials!

"Make Wise Choices"  is a lively, interactive show for upper
 elementary students, but it can be adapted for lower grades as well.  The original music and activities stress the importance of good character, being respectful, saying no to bullying, and more.  Click HERE for more information about this show!
"Books, Bugs, and a Lot of Fun Stuff" is a fun show for elementary-age students with songs about books, reading, bugs, and all kinds of fun stuff!  The show can also be adapted to fit a particular theme or unit.  Click HERE for more information about this fun show!
"Native Connections" is a group of four different Native American-themed programs: Native Winds,NativeLegends,
Native Heartbeat, and Native Earth. The programs include Native American flute music, drumming, dancing, singing, and storytelling.  Click HERE for more information about these programs.